The Holy Spirit transforms the world

Easter time ends on Pentecost Sunday, the Feast of the Holy Spirit. Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is God in motion — the power and energy of the love of God! It is he who moves and wants to enter as a powerful wind to transform everything!


He who wants to move us outside the solid walls of the church like flames, burning for love of the world! The Holy Spirit cannot be contained by solid walls; the Holy Spirit wants to enter and fill us, touch us:

* in those places where we need help,

* in struggles that seem too much for us,

* in circumstances where sadness overwhelms us,

* in moments of desolation, and

* in all these areas where we are needy and fearful.

The Holy Spirit wants to enter here to "light up" our gifts, talents and potential so we can use them to make a difference in our parishes and our neighborhoods.

The Holy Spirit wants to flow through our parishes to show us our beauty and the beauty of everyone around us.

The Holy Spirit wants us to know that we are truly sons and daughters of God — and he wants to give us the power to live this reality!

The Holy Spirit wants to enter like a powerful wind so that we will smile at each other, bless each other, touch each other and heal each other, so that we will really know each other, beginning with our names! And we tell each other how special we are!

The Holy Spirit wants to enter and burn — so that no one feels alone, that newcomers feel welcome, that those who always have been here do not feel devalued, that strangers will be warmly embraced, and that we notice when someone is absent and go to check on him!

The Holy Spirit wants to shed light on how enchanting and worthy we are, and wants us to grow and be strong in this knowledge. He wants us to help everyone around us to see the charms and dignity they possess!

The Holy Spirit wants to enter in our parishes to help us to get to know, experience, believe and act out this truth every day and in every moment of our lives! You are loved! You are loved by God! You come from God! You belong to God!

You are a one-of-a-kind child of God! You are a miracle! You are unique! You are special! And likewise are all around you in their own right!

It is for this reason that we desperately need to be touched and open ourselves to receive and be filled by the Holy Spirit.

And it is for this we now pray:

Come Holy Spirit! Come! Do it for us Holy Spirit!

Come! Come! Come!

Help us to see our own light! Our beauty! Our gifts! Come!

Help us to see that we belong to you and are yours! Come!

Help us to feel and experience this deeply in our bones and in every cell of our bodies!

Help us to think outside of this! To act outside of this! To live outside of this! And always to remember who we truly are and that we belong to you!

Dear friends, the Holy Spirit wants to do this for us! He wants to touch us! Invite the Holy Spirit to renew your life! He who is willling to be seized by the Holy Spirit, invite him to enter.

Next Sunday is Pentecost. Let’s not waste time. Invite the Holy Spirit now; invite him now, invite him now. Come Holy Spirit! Come! Come!

Father Mugavero is pastor of Holy Apostles Church in Rochester.

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