The Holy Ghost in our lives

The Red of Pentecost has everything to do with the Holy Ghost! Has everything to do with the Heart of God and the Fire of the God of Love!

It is so powerful!

…so alive!

….so intimate!

…so passionate!

…so consuming!

Much more than what we can imagine!

Not only on Pentecost Sunday, but every day we are called to embrace that Fire once more! We are called to be ignited by that Fire once more! We are called to be alive and blazing with that Fire once more!

One of my favorite prayers that calls the Holy Ghost to do this for us is found in the Pentecost Liturgy. It is the sequence and it comes before the Gospel. I would like to use these words and reflect on them to help and support us in the Holy Ghost, the one who lights the Fire of the Love of God within us and within the whole world…

The sequence begins: "Come, Holy Ghost, Come!

"¡Come, Come, Come!

You need to desire the Holy Ghost! You need to yearn for the Holy Ghost! Jesus said, "Ask and keep up asking and you shall receive. Seek and keep up seeking and you shall find. Knock and keep up knocking and the door will be opened for you!" …And he concludes this teaching motivating us to pray saying, "…How much more the Father will give the Holy Ghost to those who ask him!" (Luke 11;19, 13b)

"Come, Holy Ghost, Come!

And from your heavenly home your Divine Light shines!"

The only thing we need from the Holy Ghost is a ray of His Light…

…A ray of that Light whose flames burn beyond the stars.

… A ray of that Light whose love burns forever.

… A ray of that Light that consumes darkness.

A ray of that Light that fills our senses, saturates our entire existence, and owns us completely!

… A ray of that Light to "illuminate our world!"

"Come, Holy Ghost, Come!"

Shed a ray of Divine Light!

"Come, Father of the Poor!"

My poverty attracts the Holy Ghost…areas of my lack, of my need, of my impotence are the areas that the Holy Ghost longs to help, heal, and fill… Areas that the Holy Ghost longs to strengthen, refresh, and renew… Areas that the Holy Ghost longs to touch, transform, and revive!

"Come, Father of the Poor!

Come, fountain of our abundance!

… Fountain of all that gives us courage, meaning, and dignity… Fountain that gives us purpose, satisfaction, and peace… Fountain of all that gives us hope, joy, and love!

Fountain of all our trust, our self-esteem…Fountain of all our gifts, Fountain of all our abilities, Fountain of all our blessings, "Come!"

"Come, Fountain of all our abundance!

Come, shine within our hearts!"

Please, Holy Ghost! …Burn within us! Enlighten us from within dear Holy Ghost! Enlighten us from within!!

"Come, shine within our hearts.

You, the best of the consolers!"

Nothing in this finite world can truly satisfy our needs because we have been created for eternity… Only the comfort, understanding, and peace of God can touch that!

"¡You, the best of the consolers;

You, the most welcomed guest of the souls!

Sweet refreshment here below!"

The most welcomed guest makes being alive something good! Each day is new and refreshing… Facing the coming day and its challenges is an adventure and a discovery of how God is going to work.

"Come, Holy Ghost, Come!"

"In our work, rest gently."

The Holy Ghost, someone who understands our need to rest from the pace of life and gives it to us!

"Rest that is grateful in the heat."

The Holy Ghost, someone who refreshes us when life becomes uncomfortably "hot" in its circumstances!

"Comfort in the midst of sadness."

He, who comforts us in the midst of our sadness!

"Oh Divine Blessed Light,

shine within us, these Your hearts.

And in our deepest selves, fill us"

This is the call, the prayer and the song in our hearts.

"Where you are not, we have nothing,

no good thought or action,

nothing is free from the taint of evil."

Without the Holy Ghost, all will fail – all our efforts, our energies, and our plans.

"Heal our wounds,

renew our strength;

in our droughts

pour Your moisture;

wash the stain of our sins."

Forgive us Lord our follies and our dysfunctional behaviors toward you and others…Help us start again!

"Bend the obstinate heart and will;

melt the frozen, warm the cold;

guide the steps of those who go astray."

Please help our families and loved ones who seem to be lost Lord, like many others who behave insanely Lord… "Holy Ghost, Come! Come! You can make them come back! Holy Ghost! Come! Come!

"Descend upon the faithful

who adore and confess you

eternally in Your sevenfold gift."

Come Spirit of Wisdom

…of Understanding

… of Advice

… of Strength

… of Knowledge

… of Fear of God

…Joy in the Lord!

"Give them virtues of safe rewards;

give them Your Salvation Lord;

give them unending Joy."

¡Amen! ¡Hallelujah!

Father Mugavero is pastor of Holy Apostles Parish in Rochester.

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