2012 headshots of discerners living at Becket Hall. 2012 headshots of discerners living at Becket Hall.

Let us live as God’s great family

February 16

6th Sunday: Everything in the history of salvation that God’s word teaches us is a simple call to be brothers, to be a family, to be a community; to be our God’s children is to be part of his family, is to be part of him. Thus, our Lord’s will is that we be a family, that we love each other as a community, love each other as brothers, and if there are difficulties in that family (church) relationship, the same shall be resolved in the presence of the Lord and for the love of him. "Therefore, if when you are going to place your offering at the altar, you remember your brother has complaints against you, leave your offering in front of the altar and go to reconcile with your brother first".

February 23

7th Sunday: The word of God continues to call us to understand that following the Lord is like a family relationship, loving all, even those who once were part of our family but left; those who were friends and today are not close. The Lord Jesus today gives us a golden rule to be recognized as God’s children; "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. That is how you become children of your Father who is in heaven". Therefore, it is necessary to eradicate from your heart phrases such as, "I greet those who greet me"; "I only speak to those that I like"; "I only love my family and friends". These phrases do not differentiate us from those who do not believe in Christ, God’s children love even those who do not love us, and we also pray for them.

March 2

8th Sunday: Continuing with this idea of living as a family, this Sunday the Lord Jesus reminds us that God is our Father and he is not just any god; our God is a good father who loves us intensely, who extends his arms to us and says do not be afraid, do not worry, do not burden yourself thinking about what the future holds for you, because God Father takes care of you and even if your mother leaves you, he will not abandon you. Brothers, our problem is that many times we do not acknowledge ourselves as God’s children and we do not trust in his love and providence. Renew your love in God the Father and tell him, "I trust in you and my future is in your hands".

March 9

1st Sunday: We have reached the First Sunday of Lent. Last Wednesday, we put ashes on our forehead as a sign of our desire to sacrifice and struggle to return to the house of the Father. The moment to restore our family relationship with God has arrived; the moment to live like brothers and to reconcile with Jesus has arrived; and even when all of us have temptations, we have to be like Jesus and overcome them with prayer and with the word of God. Let the spirit of God be the one to give us strength to overcome the temptations and build the kingdom of God.

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Jainer Erick Viloria is a seminarian for the Diocese of Rochester.

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