Let the Kingdom of God burst into the world

Make the Kingdom of God burst into the world: change your life, change the world, and transform the world so that the Kingdom of God — the kingdom of God´s love — become the world’s rule and order! We hear this message in this week´s readings. In order for the world to be transformed, the individuals have to change and become more merciful and just — more attuned to God’s love. Through our baptism we are called to be like Christ.

We start life by planting the good, but sometimes the peers, TV programs, electronic games, constant use of the telephone, desire to have more money, etc., sow that what goes against love: violence, deception, selfishness, laziness, lies, sense of superiority, and revenge. … When people are trying to change they have to start by doing small and feasible things (like the mustard seed, the yeast in the dough) in order for their faith to grow and for the results of their baptism to become apparent. If little by little we follow Jesus Christ way, others will see the Kingdom of God, and I hope opt to live it. Solomon knew he needed God´s help to live justly and correctly for the good of his people, and he asked for the wisdom and prudence required. We too have to ask for the Spirit’s help daily.

In the book of the prophet Isaiah God invites those who are hungry, tired, worn out, poor, and the physically and spiritually thirsty to come to Him to be nourished. We are not alone when we give to others; God gives himself to us so that we can give ourselves to others. When we establish a deep and intimate relationship with God nothing and nobody can separate us from Christ, as St. Paul reminds us. Jesus experienced the human difficulties and sufferings such as the loss of John the Baptist. But, ¿what did he do upon hearing of the death of John? He sought help in union with his Father in a solitary place. I hope that all of us will turn to God when there is a need for strength, support, and comfort or when we need to know the next step to take. When he tried to go a separate way, Jesus found many people with many needs and he responded to those needs, healing many. Sometimes there are interruptions in our lives to which we respond, following the example of Jesus, the merciful, just, and compassionate.

Ah, the Kingdom of God will be near when we can see the actions of love in others, when everything in creation is united to the love of God. When people were hungry in a desolate place and the disciples were concerned, Jesus told them, "Feed them." What can we give that is even better that food and drink? Do you trust yourself, after being nourished by Christ spiritually and in the sacraments, to be compassionate and merciful and to teach others? In the kingdom of God we share, learn from Christ, pray, and act with love toward our brothers. In following Christ in the Church and in the world, we need to keep our eyes focused on Christ (who was he? what did he do? what did he say? how did he act?) in order to respond effectively — to be the Kingdom of God that we are making in the world. The pearl and the treasure of the parables were so valuable that they left everything behind to obtain them. What are you willing to do so that God´s love guide your lives and actions toward others and creation?

Where is God in your life? As Elijah found God in the gentle breeze, normally we find God in everyday small things. Be more aware of the events and persons around you. There you can find the presence or absence of the Kingdom of God and do your part so that the Kingdom of love can transform our world.

Sister Schwenzer, RSM, pastoral minister for Hispanics in the counties of Wayne, Ontario, Yates and Seneca.

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