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Posted: March 14, 2018

Women’s Care Center offers cribs, car seats to those in need

The Women’s Care Center in Rochester is offering portable cribs and car seats to families in need.

The volunteer-run Catholic ministry that helps women with unexpected pregnancies began providing these items in October, explained Hollie Harvey, a board member and volunteer counselor. Since that time, the center has given away 75 car seats for newborns and older infants, she said. Mothers in need also receive layettes, formula, diapers and clothes for babies and toddlers as well as umbrella strollers when available.

The center, located at 3253 Lake Ave. in Rochester, continuously receives requests for these items from agencies, social workers, individuals and case managers.

“The need is great here in Rochester,” Harvey said, noting that donations from parishes and individuals enable the center to help as many families as possible.

For more information, visit WomensCareRoc.org or call 585-865-0360.


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