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Posted: September 13, 2017

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren wins Democratic primary

Annette Jiménez/EMC

Eligible voters in the City of Rochester chose several incumbents in the Democratic Primary Election on Sept. 12, including Mayor Lovely Warren.

Warren won 62.2 percent of the 19,632 votes cast in the primary in her bid for re-election against current Monroe County legislator and retired Rochester police chief James Sheppard and former television journalist Rachel Barnhart, according to information from the Monroe County Board of Elections (http://bit.ly/2xxLbxQ).

She now moves on to the Nov. 7 general election and will be running against Republican Tony Micciche, Alex White of the Green Party and Lori Thomas, an independent.

“The election is not over,” Warren said in her victory speech Sept. 12. “The election shows the majority of Rochester Democrats are ready to move forward and we must do this together. I want a party that is successful, and I’m committed to working on that.”

Thirteen Democratic candidates also were running for five at-large seats on the Rochester City Council. The candidates selected by voters in the primary were incumbents Jackie Ortiz and Loretta Scott, current city council president, along with Mitch Gruber, Willie Lightfoot and Malik Evans, who formerly served on the Rochester City School District Board of Education.

Six Democratic candidates also ran for three seats on the board of education. The three chosen by voters were incumbents Cynthia Elliott and Van White, currently school board vice president and president, respectively, and Natalie Sheppard.


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