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Posted: July 17, 2018

Rochester City Council adopts $539.6 million budget

The Rochester City Council unanimously adopted a $539.6 million 2018-19 budget last month that included an amendment to reinstate community policing officers.
The $291,100 amendment that was approved as part of the June 19 budget adoption reinstated three officers and increased the size of the police recruitment class to 28, according to information from city officials.
A fund balance of $16.8 million balanced the budget, which represents a 2.4 percent increase over the 2017-18 budget and a 1.85 percent tax increase.
The budget also provides for new police section offices and a $59 million investment in public infrastructure. The budget provides funding to continue such anti-poverty initiatives as Kiva, a program that awards micro loans for entrepreneurs; emerging worker-owned cooperatives; the Rochester Environmental Job Training (ReJob) Program; and the Young Adult Manufacturing and Training Employment Program.
For more information, visit www.cityofrochester.gov.


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