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Posted: March 12, 2019

Preparations begin for 50th Miss Puerto Rico of Rochester Pageant

Preparations have begun for the 50th-annual Miss Puerto Rico of Rochester Pageant, which will take place June 2.
Contestants will meet weekly to prepare for participation in the pageant, which is open to Latina students ages 15-17 who are in good academic standing and who are at least 50 percent Puerto Rican. As part of the pageant process, each contestant will take part in a variety of workshops, rehearsals and community activities, according to event organizers.
After the pageant, the newly crowned Miss Puerto Rico of Rochester Queen and Princess will participate in a variety of activities in Monroe County and surrounding cities. This gives them the opportunity to serve as role models for the Hispanic youths of Rochester, event organizers said.
For more information on the pageant or to make a donation, e-mail misspuertoricoofrochester@gmail.com.


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