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Posted: June 12, 2018

Girls’ pageant returns to Rochester

A pageant for little Latinas is returning to Rochester this summer.
The “Nuestra Belleza Infantil de Rochester” (Our Children’s Beauty of Rochester) pageant will be held July 15 at the Diplomat Party House, said organizer Mercedes Vazquez Simmons.
Her company, Pretty Girl Productions, is one of the sponsors of the pageant, which will feature two age categories: ages 2 to 4 and ages 5 to 7, she added.
Vazquez Simmons said she fondly remembers when the pageant was part of the Miss Puerto Rico of Rochester competition, which is still held annually.
“As a younger girl, it was such a cultural experience,” she said.
After gauging interest from others in the community, she announced the pageant and 25 families responded. Weekly rehearsals have begun, exposing the girls to various Latin American cultures, she said.
For more information or to buy tickets to the pageant, call 585-281-2540.


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