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Posted: December 17, 2019

El Mensajero to cease producing digital-replica editions

El Mensajero Católico will cease production of its monthly digital-replica editions effective January 2020.
The replica editions were digital copies of the paper’s monthly print editions with the addition of such interactive elements as links to ads, relevant websites and email addresses.
According to Karen Franz, general manager/editor of El Mensajero and its sister publication the Catholic Courier, the digital replicas of both papers have experienced low and declining readership over the past year or two. As a result, management determined this fall that it could no longer justify the time commitment entailed in producing them. The Courier’s digital replicas also will cease production effective January 2020.
However, all El Mensajero content will remain available online at http://elmensajerorochester.com, which is currently being overhauled for a greatly improved user experience. The revamped website is expected to debut in the spring.
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