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Posted: February 18, 2016

Campaign urges people to take their medication

A new bilingual campaign aims to help remind patients with high blood pressure to take their medication.

The My Reminder/Mi Recordatorio campaign features billboards, radio spots, bus passes and posters and aims to address health disparities in the city's high-poverty neighborhoods, according to information from the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency. It was developed by the communitywide High Blood Pressure Collaborative, spearheaded by area employers, hospitals and health insurance companies, and managed through a partnership between FLHSA and the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce.

Residents in the high-poverty neighborhoods are 18 percent less likely to have high blood pressure checkups than are individuals living in more affluent communities, clinical data show.

The campaign targets ZIP codes whose residents have the highest rates of high blood pressure and also some of the highest poverty rates in the region. Residents in those areas will be encouraged to develop routines -- set a cell phone alarm, place a pill bottle by their toothbrushes or store their pillboxes in their morning coffee cups -- so they never miss a dose.

Community members may request free pill boxes on which the days of the week are written in either English or Spanish at www.MyReminder.org and www.MiRecordatorio.org or by calling 585-224-3170.


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