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Posted: January 9, 2018

Last Updated: January 10, 2018

EMC photo by John Haeger

Red Cross volunteer Alvani Santos answers questions about paperwork Nov. 9 for Puerto Ricans who came to Rochester in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.

Bishop Matano welcomes Puerto Ricans to Diocese of Rochester

January 5, 2018
Memorial of Saint John Neumann
Dear Brothers and
Sisters in Christ,
Sadly we recall that last September, Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico and left the island devastated. Since then hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans have moved to the U.S. mainland, hundreds to the City of Rochester alone. Our parishes and Catholic agencies have worked tirelessly to extend a warm welcome to those displaced by the disaster, and will continue to be a bridge for those who need assistance transitioning to a new home. In turn, our faith communities have already benefitted from our newest members, who are powerful witnesses of faith through times of struggle. They have begun to plant new roots in our Diocese, and we all will reap the fruits of that harvest. I encourage all Catholics in the Diocese of Rochester to reach out and welcome our brothers and sisters in Christ as they begin this new journey.
In this Year of the Eucharist, let us all continue to live as a Eucharistic people who are able to transcend difficulties and hardship brought by tragedy and embrace the new life promised to us in Jesus Christ!
Asking God’s blessing upon our Diocese in this New Year, I remain
Sincerely yours in Christ,
The Most Reverend
Salvatore R. Matano
Bishop of Rochester


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