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Posted: November 29, 2018

Last Updated: January 4, 2019

Angelica Perez-Delgado named Ibero-American Action League’s new CEO

By Mike Latona/EMC

Angelica Perez-Delgado has been named new president and CEO of Rochester’s Ibero-American Action League. She will begin her new position Feb. 11.
Perez-Delgado comes to the position from the Villa of Hope, where she served as chief administrative officer/chief compliance officer. She has a bachelor’s degree in community and human services from Empire State College and a master’s in health administration from Roberts Wesleyan College. She also has been highly active in Rochester as a community organizer in the city’s northeast section.
In her new role with Ibero, Perez-Delgado will be leading a dual-language human services agency that was established in 1968 to help build stronger families and greater self-sufficiency among individuals and families of all ethnic backgrounds.
“I am grateful to the board and humbled for the opportunity to lead Ibero. I am passionate and deeply connected to our mission,” Perez-Delgado said in a Nov. 29 statement. “I am excited about the opportunity to join talented, passionate and committed staff in leading Ibero into the future.”
She succeeds Hilda Rosario Escher as the organization’s leader.
“While Hilda is leaving behind a great legacy and we are sad to see her leave, the board of directors is very excited about Ibero’s future and having a leader like Angelica to lead us in this new chapter for the organization,” Miguel Velazquez, chair of Ibero’s board, said in a statement Nov. 29.


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