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Posted: November 14, 2012

Altars erected to honor deceased loves ones

Several area communities celebrated the tradition of Day of the Dead with altar presentations -- one of which was part of the first Western New York Hispanic Heritage Festival.

Traditionally on or around Nov. 2, which is the Day of the Dead, altars decorated with candles and flowers are set up to represent the favorite things of people who have died. These are known as "ofrendas" (offerings).

At The Stage in Warsaw, Artemio and Adriana Ruiz set up an altar display on Nov. 4 in honor of several families as part of the festival, which also included Mexican food, poetry readings and Latin dance.

On Oct. 31, Spanish Club members set up an altar at SUNY Geneseo along with Rocio Vallejo, an adjunct Spanish instructor, said Rebecca Fitzgerald, the club's vice president. The migrant community in Livingston County also set up an altar on Oct. 31 at St. Thomas Aquinas, said Penny Gardner, a migrant minister.


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