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Posted: April 16, 2019

State offers new services for immigrants

By Ketsia Rodríguez/EMC

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced last month that New York would offer two new measures to assist and protect immigrants.
According to a March 14 press release, the governor’s Liberty Defense Project has selected regional providers and attorneys to participate in a Rapid Response Program to better aid against Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids and statewide sweeps. Seven providers were chosen to dedicate at least 15 attorneys to assist immigrants in every region of the state. The Legal Aid Society of Rochester was chosen to serve the Finger Lakes region, and Journey’s End Refugee Services was chosen to serve both the Southern Tier and western New York regions. The attorneys will assist immigrants who have been arrested or detained; conduct Know Your Rights workshops and trainings; and provide support services to families of those who are in the middle of a removal proceeding or who have been deported.
Additionally, Cuomo’s Office for New Americans has selected 21 new Opportunity Centers across the state to provide such services, education and guidance to immigrants as free legal consultation, naturalization assistance, citizenship preparation classes and immigration law/federal immigration policy workshops. The newest Finger Lakes Opportunity Center will be located at Rochester’s Catholic Family Center, and the new Southern Tier centers will be located at Catholic Charities of Tompkins/Tioga and the American Civic Association in Broome County.
For more information, visit on.ny.gov/2S0Ngcm.


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