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Posted: November 16, 2016

Local advocates win awards during justice event

BRIGHTON -- During the fourth-annual Harvesting Justice symposium, several women from across the state shared their stories of being employed as farmworkers while taking care of their families.

Rural & Migrant Ministry hosted the "In Their Shoes" event, which was held Oct. 27 at Temple B'rith Kodesh. At a dinner that followed, Rosalinda Guillén, executive director of Community to Community Development in Bellingham, Wash., spoke about dropping out of high school to get married and working as a migrant worker while raising two young sons. A former national policy director for United Farm Workers of America, Guillén now leads Community to Community Development, an organization she cofounded in 2003 with other women activists.

Also during the dinner, two local residents were honored for their work in advocating for justice and equity. Marvin Mich, director of social policy and research at the Catholic Family Center, received the George Exley-Stiegler Award. Marilu Aguilar, a human rights and labor advocate, received the Jim Schmidt Award.


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