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Posted: October 15, 2018

Monroe Co. health commissioner’s work on opioid crisis lauded

The Monroe County Public Health Commissioner received the first George Huther Jr. Memorial Award from Huther Doyle, a local addiction treatment provider, according to information from County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo’s office.
Dr. Michael Mendoza received the award for contributions that have enhanced the lives of individuals, families and communities coping with substance abuse disorder while emulating the work of Huther Doyle founder, George Huther Jr., by instilling pride, hope and courage, according to the award criteria.
Since 2018, Mendoza has conducted 101 opioid awareness and Narcan training sessions throughout Monroe County for various organizations, including nine school districts and dozens of local businesses, and has overseen distribution of more than 1,000 Narcan kits to county residents.
The Monroe County Department of Public Health also provides in-person opioid overdose prevention training on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 111 Westfall Road, Room 142. Training is open to the public, and there is no cost. An overdose prevention kit is provided to all participants.
To register for a session or to learn more about the Monroe County Opioid Action plan, visit monroecounty.gov/opioids.


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