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Posted: May 15, 2018

Last Updated: May 16, 2018

EMC photo by John Haeger

Yohance Robinson, a student at Rochester's Henry Hudson School No. 28, high fives Moose, the Rochester Amerks' mascot, as classmate Malachi Perthel and Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo look on April 18. Students from the school were being honored for winning the state level of a national recycling competition.

Rochester students win state level of recycling competition

By Annette Jiménez/EMC

ROCHESTER — Students from Henry Hudson School No. 28 have won the state level of a national recycling competition.
School No. 28 was named the New York State School Division winner in Recycle-Bowl, a K-12 recycling competition sponsored by the nonprofit organization Keep America Beautiful. A special celebration that included a visit from Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo and the Rochester Amerks’ mascot was held April 17 to recognize the Green Team students at the school, according to district and county officials.
An active member of the recycling program since 2007, the school’s Green Team participated in the competition that included 1,000 schools. The schools recycled 2 million pounds of paper, cardboard, milk cartons, cans, and plastic and glass bottles during four weeks last fall.
About 40 students and eight teachers led School No. 28’s efforts, and a total of 776 students at the school recycled 2,886 pounds of paper, 49 pounds of bottles and cans, 1,968 pounds of cardboard, and 450 pounds of milk cartons.


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