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Posted: May 14, 2019

Rochester City School District selects superintendent finalists

By Ketsia Rodríguez/EMC

The four finalists for the Rochester City School District superintendent position were introduced to the community during public meetings in early May.
The finalists, who were announced April 24, are:
Terry Dade
Terry Dade is an assistant superintendent for the 180,000-student Fairfax County Public Schools in Falls Church, Va. Prior to that, Dade served one year as executive principal for school improvement and four years as a principal at two elementary schools in Fairfax County Public Schools. He also was a principal/resident principal and a teacher in Washington, D.C., schools, as well as a teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools in Alexandria, Va.

Devon Horton
Devon Horton is chief of schools for the 101,000-student Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Ky., where he supports the districtwide initiative to enhance career technical education offerings. Prior to that, Horton served four years as deputy superintendent of schools in the East St. Louis School District 189 in Illinois. He also was principal, assistant principal and teacher in Chicago Public Schools for more than 10 years.
Sito Narcisse
Sito Narcisse is chief of schools for Metro Nashville Public Schools in Tennessee, where he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of all 167 schools with a total of 86,000 students. Prior to that, Narcisse served three years as associate superintendent at Prince George’s County Public Schools in Upper Marlboro, Md. He also has served as acting chief school improvement officer and director of school performance/director of school support and improvement in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland and has been principal in Boston and Pittsburgh public schools.
Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is chief turnaround officer for the Georgia State Board of Education. Prior to that, Thomas served five years as chief support officer at the University of Virginia Darden/Curry Partnership for Leaders in Education in Charlottesville, Va. He also was a part-time consultant for three years at the Ohio Department of Education and has served in multiple roles in Cincinnati Public Schools, including chief innovation officer, principal coach, principal, district coordinator and teacher.
The RCSD plans to hire a new superintendent by July. For more information, including candidate resumes and photos, visit https://bit.ly/2XNno66.


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