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Posted: January 15, 2019

RCSD continues search for new superintendent

The Rochester City School District Board of Education recently hired an Illinois-based search firm to assist in replacing Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams, who will retire Jan. 31.
According to information from the RCSD, the board of education hired BWP & Associates in November to help in the superintendent search process. The agency is currently working to create a leadership profile for the job based on feedback it will collect from the district and the public throughout January. Feedback will be obtained through online surveys; engagement events with the community as well as RCSD staff, parents and students; open community forums; and meetings with school board members.
According to the district, the agency will present a community engagement report to the school board by the end of January, and the district will receive a leadership profile to approve. Once it receives approval, BWP will advertise and begin to recruit for the position. The application deadline will be March 10.
For more information on the superintendent search process, visit http://bit.ly/2CddfXh.


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