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Posted: April 12, 2017

Local principal receives award

The School Administrators Association of New York State has selected the principal of Rochester’s World of Inquiry School No. 58 as its 2017 Principal of the Year.

Sheelarani Webster is the first principal of a K-12 building in an urban school district to receive the award, according to information from the Rochester City School District. This award annually honors an association member who demonstrates leadership in the pace, character and mission of a school who also strives to provide comprehensive programs and services for all students, according to a district press release. The award was created to recognize the unique characteristics of a K-12 building and the related demands, expectations, challenges, creativity and resourcefulness of principals.

Webster began her own teaching career after being inspired by her children’s teachers and administrators at James P.B. Duffy School No. 12 more than 25 years ago. In 1992, she began teaching at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School No. 9 and eventually returned to School No. 58, where she had completed her student teaching. At School 58, she served as a teacher, instructional coach and assistant principal. She became principal in 2010.


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