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Posted: May 16, 2017

Start-up hired for project

A business start-up that is part of a worker-owned business initiative in Rochester has been hired for a lighting project at Rochester General Hospital.

ENEROC is the first business start-up launched by Market Driven Community Corp., an independent nonprofit focused on the development of worker-owned businesses in Rochester. Each start-up is intended to provide area anchor institutions, such as Rochester Regional Health, with competitive options for local contracting of goods and services.

ENEROC launched in January 2017 and had plans to train an initial crew of three employees to install LED lighting in parking garages at Rochester Regional Health.

The city of Rochester’s Office of Innovation oversaw the initial development of the now independent Market Driven Community Corp. initiative in 2015. Initial support was provided by The Democracy Collaborative, a national nonprofit think tank with expertise in worker-owned cooperatives and anchor institution partnerships.

For more on Market Driven Community Corp., visit www.Rochester.coop.


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