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Posted: August 15, 2017

13 vying for 5 seats on Rochester City Council

Thirteen candidates are running for five at-large seats on the Rochester City Council in the Sept. 12 Democratic Primary.

The candidates who have been endorsed by the Monroe County Democratic Committee include three incumbents: Council President Loretta Scott (http://bit.ly/2v3UPqr), Vice President Dana Miller (http://bit.ly/2uERih7) and Jackie Ortiz (ortizforcitycouncil.com). Matt Juda (www.mattjuda.com) and Malik Evans (www.malikevans.org), who is stepping down from the Rochester Board of Education, also were endorsed.

The remaining candidates and their websites are: Mary Lupien (www.marylupien.com), Marcus Williams (www.marcus4rochester.com), Shawn Dunwoody (www.shawndunwoody.com), Willie Lightfoot (www.willielightfoot.com), Mitch Gruber (www.mitchgruber.com), Dorian Hall (www.dorianleander.com), Thomas Hasman (tomhasman.com) and Ann Lewis (no website available).


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