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Posted: July 13, 2009

Last Updated: February 1, 2017

Order the Diocesan Directory


The 2017 Official Diocese of Rochester Directory is now available!

Offered in a tabbed, spiral format, it includes new guides and indices to help you find information about clustered, merged and reconfigured parishes. Among the other indispensable features you'll find inside are:

  • a telephone listing of every parish, priest and pastoral-staff member -- including numerous changes and new hires.
  • a guide to all diocesan offices and personnel.
    newly updated Mass schedules for every parish, plus times for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  • a guide to the current location of sacramental records from churches that have been closed, merged or clustered.
  • a listing of religious communities and spirituality centers.
  • a directory of Catholic organizations operating in the Diocese of Rochester.
  • And now, it's all available online, including hotlinks to every e-mail and web address, and online maps for every physical address! (See pricing information below.)


Taxable Pricing

1-3 copies -- $25.00 each
4-6 copies -- $21.00 each
7 or more copies -- $18.00 each

Tax-Exempt Pricing*

1-3 copies-- $19.00 each
4-6 copies -- $16.00 each
7 or more copies -- $14.00 each

Online Subscription

The online edition of the 2017 Diocesan Directory will be updated quarterly. An unlimited 12-month subscription to the online Diocesan Directory is $13.00 or $11.00 with proof of tax-exempt status. Purchasers of hard-copy Diocesan Directories may add a year of online access for just $2.

Tax-Exempt Orders

If you wish to place an order on behalf of a tax-exempt organization you must order by mail or New York sales tax will be assessed. Tax-exempt purchasers also must include a copy of form ST-119-1, Exempt Organization Certificate, with their orders.

The Diocesan Directory is currently only available in English

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  2. printed Diocesan Directory(ies) without Online Access
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  4. This order is tax-exempt (completed form ST-119.1 must be enclosed with mailed order form)
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