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Posted: September 30, 2009

Last Updated: January 28, 2010

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This is your chance to become a reporter and make ElMensajeroRochester.com’s visitors aware of the neighborhood, school, parish and organizational activities our staff is not able to cover.

Just write up the facts of the story and send it in using the form below. You can also attach one or more photographs to go along with your prose. Don’t worry too much about the writing, as our staff will happily polish it up a bit as needed. We’ll even give you a byline! Your contribution will appear within a couple of business days as a Reader Contribution under the Sports and Leisure section of this site.

Although we will review all submissions prior to posting, we generally will not assign a reporter or photographer to follow up on news submitted via this form. Moreover, we generally will not publish Reader Contributions in our print editions. If you prefer to request coverage of your event or topic by members of our staff, please contact us.

Listings for our Calendar of Events are most easily submitted by using the Calendar of Events form, but also can be sent by email or postal mail (El Mensajero Calendar, PO Box 24379, Rochester, NY 14624-0379).

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