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Posted: June 13, 2012

Ibero scholars

Ibero-American Action League Hispanic Scholarship Fund Award:

Andrew Bailey, Gates-Chili High School, SUNY Brockport

Brandon Yosef Klein, Red Creek Senior High School, SUNY Geneseo

Michelle López, Brockport High School, SUNY Oswego

Sarah Maldonado, Northeast College Preparatory High School, Monroe Community College

Anna Faso Miranda, Sodus Central High School, Roberts Wesleyan College

Marcos Pérez, Wheatland-Chili High School, SUNY Geneseo

Sean Edwin Rivera, McQuaid High School, Delaware University

Sarah Rollinson, West Irondequoit High School, Boston University

Christian Omar Rosado, Northeast College Preparatory High School, Rochester Institute of Technology

Anonymous Donor Scholarship

Alexander Miano, Spencerport High School, SUNY Geneseo


Aramis Rodríguez Memorial Scholarship

Ryan Muchard, Greece Athena High School, Rochester Institute of Technology

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hirst Scholarship

Luis Rodríguez, John Marshall High School, St. John Fisher College

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Brandt -- Rochester Cornerstone Scholarship

Valeria Delgado, Webster Thomas High School, University of Buffalo

Ms. Carol Courtney & Mr. Nathan Towne Scholarship

Roberto Burgos, Greece Olympia High School, St. John Fisher College


Dale Carnegie Training Scholarship

Eliana Calderón, Charlotte High School, Monroe Community College

El Mensajero Católico Scholarship

Mark Anthony Torres, Greece Olympia High School, SUNY Brockport

Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield Excellence Award

Ruth López, Benjamin Franklin High School, SUNY Brockport

Emeterio Otero Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Angel Rodríguez, East High School

Joel José Garcia, Northeast College Preparatory High School, Monroe Community College

First Capital Payments Scholarship

Maria Crespo, Dr. Freddie Thomas High School, Monroe Community College

Frank Cornier & Milton Pichardo Scholarship

Crystal Pérez, Wilson Magnet High School, Gannon University

Helen Smhra Urban Memorial Scholarship

Lexany Rivera, Bishop Kearney High School, Niagara University

Hispanic Organization for Leadership & Achievement (HOLA) Award

Cristina Crespo, School of the Arts, University of Arizona

Nazareth College Scholarship

Lelia Scheel, ?? High School, Nazareth College

Robert Ramos, ?? High School, Nazareth College

Katelyn Lugo, ?? High School, Nazareth College

The Pedraza Family Scholarship

Richard Albarran Jr., Wilson Commencement Academy, Rochester Institute of Technology

Michael Mazzeo, McQuaid Jesuit High School, College of the Holy Cross, Massachusetts


Puerto Rican Festival Scholarship

Robert Joseph Ramos, Palmyra-Macedon, Nazareth College

Angel Flores, Williamson Senior High School, Finger Lakes Community College


Rochester Hispanic Business Association Scholarship

Olivia Martínez, Rush-Henrietta High School, Nazareth College

Javier Enrique Torres, Greece Odyssey High School, University of Rochester

Rochester Latino Rotary Scholarship

Iris J. Sambolin, Thomas Jefferson High School, St. John Fisher College

Dexter John Scott Jr., Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School, Pace University

United Way Latino Leadership Development Program Scholarship

Kevin Díaz, James Monroe High School, Nazareth College


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