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Posted: July 17, 2013

East High School student named first Latina valedictorian and Miss Puerto Rico of Rochester

ROCHESTER -- A Latina student was named Miss Puerto Rico of Rochester following her graduation as the first Latino to become valedictorian for East High School.

Principal Anibal Soler Jr. said Crystal Colón, , who is planning to study economics at the University of Rochester, follows in the footsteps of the first African-American female student to have been named valedictorian in 2009.

Colón works as a marketing and sales intern at Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield and serves as a youth board member for the Center for Youth, according to information from the district. She also is a member of the superintendent’s Student Advisory Group, the Student Leadership Congress.

She also won several scholarships including the Ibero-American Action League Scholarship and the Rochester Police Locust Club Scholarship.


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