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Posted: May 15, 2018

Event celebrates resiliency of resettled Puerto Rican families

ROCHESTER — Olegario Carrillo Ramos said he felt like he was in his second home during an event to celebrate the resiliency of families from Puerto Rico who have resettled in Rochester following Hurricane Maria.
The April 30 event was organized by Ibero-American Action League in collaboration with Nazareth College students in the Community Youth Development program and sixth-graders at Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School where the celebration was held.
“It’s a source of pride for me to be treated so well and so warmly welcomed like this,” he said.
He and his wife and 15-year-old son, who arrived in December from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, were among the 50 families who had been invited by Ibero and school officials and attended the celebration. The evening included poetry from the charter school students, food prepared by school staff members and performances from local dance organizations.
To watch a video from the event, visit www.facebook.com/MensajeroRochester.


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