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Posted: September 11, 2018

Fr. Tracy’s legacy of service will live on

To the editor:
I found myself at a loss for words for a few days after hearing of Padre Laurence Tracy’s passing. When I saw the (live stream) video from El Mensajero Católico, it truly made me think.
When I think of Padre, I see the man we all see — a man who opened doors for everyone, a “Puertorriqueño de Corazón.” God sent him on an assignment to help his people, which was something Father Tracy knew how to do very well. He was a true servant for the kingdom.
I am honored to be one of the creators in 2014 of the Father Laurence Tracy Excellence in Leadership Award. I also blessed him as grand marshal/honorary Puerto Rican at the 2010 Puerto Rican Parade of Rochester.
His legacy will continue throughout Rochester with the award honoring people who are true servants of this community just as he was. Committed to a certain cause or ideal, they are uniquely addressing a problem or improving a situation. Such a leader has devoted his or her time and efforts to advocacy, as well as challenging and motivating others to excel. Because of each recipient’s vision and accomplishments, our world is a better place — helping us envision the future and identify paths to success, promoting diversity and multiculturalism. The award winners have been Stephanie Parades, Ray Mayóliz, Elena Goldfeder, Miguel Meléndez and Rose Mary Villarrubia-Izzo
In gratitude, I will always remember the long talks had with Father Tracy, full of great knowledge and wisdom, and the many years he closed the annual “Peace, Prayer and Unity” events. I will cherish the bedside moment when he blessed me to go to Puerto Rico, to do great works.
All is well because I know he is not sitting still. God has already said, “Well done faithful servant.” He is probably on his next assignment. RIP #PadreTracy
Geena Cruz
Golfshire Drive
EDITOR’S NOTE: Cruz is a freelance consultant with the Healing through Education, Advocacy and Law team at the University of Rochester.


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