El Mensajero (English)

Posted: July 13, 2009

Last Updated: January 4, 2010

Advertising Policy

Since advertising can be a pervasive, powerful force in shaping attitudes and behavior in today's society, El Mensajero Católico establishes the following policy regarding advertising. Catholic teaching, truth, the dignity of the human person, and good taste shall be guiding principles. 

  1. GENERAL — El Mensajero Católico does not accept advertisements for products or services that are contrary to Catholic teaching or from entities that — in the judgment of the newspaper's management — have as their primary focus those products or services. El Mensajero Católico retains the right to edit or reject all advertising copy. Advertisements in El Mensajero Católico will not be labeled as such unless they meet the criteria for labeling outlined in Item 3 below.
  2. POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENTS — El Mensajero Católico wishes to foster readers’ participation in the political process. Yet, to retain its non-profit tax status, the newspaper must choose whether to accept political advertisements from all candidates — regardless of how their positions relate to church teaching — or to reject all such advertisements. Selective acceptance is not an option. Due to the complexity of moral and political issues today, the acceptance of advertisements from politicians whose positions may be at variance with various church teachings stands to confuse our readers. Therefore, it is El Mensajero’s policy to decline all political advertisements. 
  3. ISSUE ADVERTISEMENTS — El Mensajero Católico reserves the right to refuse advertisements in the form of essays expressing the advertiser's views on controversial issues or promoting an agenda, rather than announcing an event or offering a product or service for sale. If an advertisement appears to be an article, it must be identified as a "Paid Advertisement." Ads may not contain "bylines" or "datelines." 
  4. GOOD TASTE & HONESTY — El Mensajero Católico does not take advertisements that — in the judgment of newspaper management — are in poor taste; manipulative; deceptive; or intended to frighten, shock or in any way take advantage of the newspaper’s readers. All advertisements must show respect for persons and for the truth. If it comes to our attention that an advertiser has not been truthful, the advertisement will be discontinued. 
  5. PERSONAL ADVERTISEMENTS — El Mensajero Católico will not accept "personal" ads related to dating or ads for private adoptions. Acceptance of other ads of a personal nature will be subject to the discretion of management. 
  6. GAMBLING ADVERTISEMENTS — In light of the New York State Catholic Conference's opposition to an expansion of casino gambling because of its "disproportionate negative impact on the poor," El Mensajero Católico will not accept advertisements for gambling establishments.